Lanzarote – César Manrique

César Manrique, more than anyone else, is responsible for the low rise, consistently welcoming, settlements on Lanzarote. His influence as architect & politician is felt across the island; the low rise white plastered houses with green or blue window furniture are the norm. Born in Arricife in 1919, he studied architecture and art in New…

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019

I have updated the Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019 page. That completes that exhibition and time to start thinking ahead for 2020.

White Box – New Format

The White Box Art Channel has a new format. Hopefully navigation should be easier and the posts more direct, with opportunity to read more as you wish. Let me know?

Barbican – Lee Krasner

The Barbican Art Gallery in East London, I always think, is a difficult place to find, with all the other events taking place at the Arts Centre. And when inside I always find it odd that you start the tour at a point half way round the gallery. That having been said the exhibitions are…

The Manneporte (Etretat) – Monet

Etretat on the Normandy coast features in my Painting of the Month for July. Monet painted this cliff eighteen times on various visits to the seaside resort. This one, the closest, was either painted in an illusionistic way or he braved a very rough sea in a dinghy to get this close. Monet shows us…