Thinking of Venice

It seems a long long time ago that we were in Venice enjoying the streets packed with tourists and the Aperols, ciccetti and pasta – not to mention the study in the wonderful libraries. My thoughts are with the people of Venice and hope to return as soon as possible. I most miss the amazing…

Artweeeks 2020 Cancelled

Hi all. Not unexpectedly I have had to cancel the exhibition for Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival in May. I have filled my Online exhibition with a few images from last years exhibition. keep Safe, Gordon

Maha Rukab – Psalm 91

Cooped up in solitary confinement with a cough and sneezes. Bliss. The Galleries, Museums and libraries are all shut.Thought I might send out a few cheerful images over the next few days and weeks. This one from Psalm 91, one of the very beautiful bits of scripture.

March Painting of the Month

Monet’s Rough Sea at Étretat has very evocative feelings for me. His 1883 painting of the cliffs at the Normandy village of Étretat was one of his regular views. Étretat is a place with memories of summer, having visited several times, but the stormy seas reminds me of the current weather with its succession of…

Charlie Calder Potts – Fosse Gallery

My occasional series on the Fosse Gallery in Stow on the Wold brings me to a very exciting  young artist whose work centres on the Middle East. Charlie Calder-Potts had a solo show here two years ago and I was amazed by her beautiful, yet seemingly timeless mixed media works on Persia. I aimed to interview…