Tate Liverpool – Fernand Léger

Fernand Léger and Liverpool seem such good companions. Léger, the great twentieth century avant-garde artist and Liverpool, home of the Beatles and the sixties cultural revolution. Although Léger died in 1955 you feel he would have been absolutely at home in that great artistic decade where, if you did not know better, you would have…

New Name

Hi all regulars and new readers alike. I have rebranded the site slightly and also adopted a new name. I think White Box Art Channel reflects more the commentary aspect of the blog, rather than a dibble about in a new ideas tub. Hopefully its original aims are retained; that of commenting on historical and…

New Painting to Enjoy

There is a new “Painting to Enjoy” Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Dance at Bougival, 1883, The Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Massachusetts. We have happy memories of a round the world trip culminating in Boston to view this lovely painting.

World Record Hockney

David Hockney, celebrated British modern artist, painting has been sold at Christie’s in New York for just over $90m (£70m) – an auction record for a work by a living artist. Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) had been forecast to fetch $80m (£62m).

Turner Contemporary – Margate

You realise just what a big county Kent is when you try to travel to Margate by train. A High speed train that comes out of St Pancras like a rocket on wheels seems to take for ever to get to the destination. I might say though it was slightly faster than the fish cake…