About me

I am Gordon Harris and have an eclectic range of artistic interests from the medieval through to postmodernism and enjoy paintings, sculpture and architecture. I am retired after having had careers in mining, water supply and construction. White Box Art Channel is my diary of visits and exhibitions and the occasional comments on the history and current affairs in the Artworld.

I have a Master of Arts degree from University of Warwick in History of Art and Visual  Studies in 2020. In addition I have studied History of Art  at University of Oxford obtaining a Diploma. With both opportunities  I have met a great community of students, lecturers and tutors, and people with a love for the history of art.

Hopefully my articles are informative to those who have a lay interest in art in general. I would always welcome feedback and comment.

The header image is detail from The Fishermen in Brittany, painted by Georges Lhermitte.