Oxfordshire Artweeks 2020

I have subscribed to The Oxfordshire Artweeks festival again for 2002. As I am also busy with studies this year I have decided to run a solo show again. It will be at Adlestrop near Chipping Norton again from May 9th – 17th.

Venice today

Hi all. It is very sad seeing Venice today after the disaster last night. While the City was on alert due to high tides the severity of the storm and tides took everyone by surprise. The magnitude of the tide had not been anticipated until it actually occurred so preparation was minimal. The damage this…

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019

I have updated the Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019 page. That completes that exhibition and time to start thinking ahead for 2020.

White Box – New Format

The White Box Art Channel has a new format. Hopefully navigation should be easier and the posts more direct, with opportunity to read more as you wish. Let me know?

Chiharu Shiota – The Key in Hand

The Key in the Hand marks, for me, the coming to an end of my exhibition, and a move back to the world of ‘real’ art. I am planning to visit the Venice Biennale later this year so I thought I would start to immerse in the world of the contemporary. Chiharu Shiota, a resident…

Oxfordshire Artweeks

Thought the Golden Cockerel has been the header image for long enough. As Oxfordshire Artweeks comes into the north of the county next week I thought this image from The Cotswold Life, Into The Woods, promoting the festival would be appropriate.

Oxfordshire Artweeks update

The first of my paintings are back from the framers and we are happy with the result. Open the Artweeks page

Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent did not win an Oscar or an Academy Award. Somewhat like Van Gogh himself overlooked in its lifetime. We watched this 2017 film last week and were greatly moved by it. The film was a joint U.K. Polish project directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, and included in the line up is…

The Adoration of the Magi

I have updated my Painting of the Month to add a bit of Christmas spirit to the blog. My December / January painting for you to enjoy is the fifteenth century Italian altarpiece by Gentile da Fabriano; The Adoration of the Magi, which is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Select the “Painting of the…