L. S. Lowry. VE Day

Hope you are having a street party to celebrate VE Day 75. We have set up ours on our own (boo hoo) and hope to miss the thunderstorms forecast later. Thousands of ant-like people are seen thronging the streets of this city to celebrate the end of the Second World War in Europe. The industrial…

Luke (1980-2020)

This morning was the funeral of my lovely nephew, Luke, after a long battle with cancer. The occasion was sad enough anyway, without the awfulness of not being able to join the family to share our goodbyes. We lit a candle in the front window and it has burnt brightly all day. We miss you…

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday and the sun is shining brightly. We were to have a parade in our village this morning with donkeys and a congregation singing hymns in the streets. It will now be an online service on our own. But the message of peace and hope still reign supremely as we enter Holy Week. As…

Thinking of Venice

It seems a long long time ago that we were in Venice enjoying the streets packed with tourists and the Aperols, ciccetti and pasta – not to mention the study in the wonderful libraries. My thoughts are with the people of Venice and hope to return as soon as possible. I most miss the amazing…

Artweeeks 2020 Cancelled

Hi all. Not unexpectedly I have had to cancel the exhibition for Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival in May. I have filled my Online exhibition with a few images from last years exhibition. keep Safe, Gordon

“We’re all going to the Zoo…Dudley

Dudley Zoo. Yesterday our Warwick University ‘Thirties’ group visited Dudley Zoo (*Thirties meaning 1930s and not our ages!). The buildings spread around the site are known as Tectons and they represent a great example of thirties modernism, both in terms of art and social history. (The) Tecton Group was a radical architectural collaboration co-founded by…

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2020

I have subscribed to The Oxfordshire Artweeks festival again for 2002. As I am also busy with studies this year I have decided to run a solo show again. It will be at Adlestrop near Chipping Norton again from May 9th – 17th.

Venice today

Hi all. It is very sad seeing Venice today after the disaster last night. While the City was on alert due to high tides the severity of the storm and tides took everyone by surprise. The magnitude of the tide had not been anticipated until it actually occurred so preparation was minimal. The damage this…

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019

I have updated the Oxfordshire Artweeks 2019 page. That completes that exhibition and time to start thinking ahead for 2020.

White Box – New Format

The White Box Art Channel has a new format. Hopefully navigation should be easier and the posts more direct, with opportunity to read more as you wish. Let me know?