September Painting of the Month (2)

Spanish culture. This month I have decided to have a second painting of the month from the rich base of Spanish art. We have been touring some of the Northern regions of Spain. Having left Catalunya far behind we are now in the Basque Country. Ramiro Arrue’s Yo ou le Fandango is a Basque gem….

Lagrasse – SW France

Lagrasse is an artist’s delight with views around every corner. It is an old Cité and its Abbaye was one of the richest and important in Medieval France, founded by the authority of Charlemagne, no less, in the ninth century. It was given much land and concessions as a Benedictine house and had a very…

White Box – New Format

The White Box Art Channel has a new format. Hopefully navigation should be easier and the posts more direct, with opportunity to read more as you wish. Let me know?

The Manneporte (Etretat) – Monet

Etretat on the Normandy coast features in my Painting of the Month for July. Monet painted this cliff eighteen times on various visits to the seaside resort. This one, the closest, was either painted in an illusionistic way or he braved a very rough sea in a dinghy to get this close. Monet shows us…

Cluny Abbey – Cathy Oakes

Cluny Abbey reminds me that I have not said or written much about romanesque art for a while, which is a shame. It was one of my favourite areas of historical architecture. I believe, also, that it was the monasteries and the romanesque building and sculptural programme which allowed Europeans to take the first tentative…

Gregynog Wedding

Gregynog Hall, near Newtown in Mid Wales was the venue for a very enjoyable wedding ceremony on Saturday. The weather was wonderful which made for an especially great day for everyone present. Gregynog is interesting for its architecture, being one of the earliest houses in the U.K. to be constructed in concrete. The decoration is…

Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the Rhône, 1881, is the star painting of the recent Tate exhibition, featuring the artist in Britain, and is returning as my new header image.

Chiharu Shiota – The Key in Hand

The Key in the Hand marks, for me, the coming to an end of my exhibition, and a move back to the world of ‘real’ art. I am planning to visit the Venice Biennale later this year so I thought I would start to immerse in the world of the contemporary. Chiharu Shiota, a resident…

Oxfordshire Artweeks

Thought the Golden Cockerel has been the header image for long enough. As Oxfordshire Artweeks comes into the north of the county next week I thought this image from The Cotswold Life, Into The Woods, promoting the festival would be appropriate.

Joan Miro – Painting of the Month

Joan Miro is the twentieth century Spanish surrealist who features in my Painting of the Month. May 1968 was an idea he painted between 1968 and 1975, late is in his life. It is a challenging view but is there to remind us of the revolutionary fervour that overtook Europe in 1968; this month 51…