Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has been our monarch throughout my life. Much has changed in the years since 1952 but she has been a constant. Through the White Box I would like to convey my own sincere thoughts to her family while wishing the very best to the New King. How wonderful was her promise as…

Vincent Van Gogh at St Remy (2)

A Wheatfields with Cypresses is my new header. This is another painting which Van Gogh repeated several times in St Remy de Provence, while being treated in the asylum there. It can be seen in the National Gallery in London. We visited the former monastery of St Paul de Mausole, while in St Remy recently….

Vincent Van Gogh and My September painting of the month.

Vincent Van Gogh was a fascinating character and while we think we know him there is always another level to understand. We recently visited St Remy de Provence, where the artist was a virtual prisoner as he was treated for all his problems. My September painting is The Starry Night, an image known to all….

More on Perspective and a trip to Les Baux de Provence. 

The Hockney’s Eye exhibition at The Fitzwilliam, which I visited recently has made me think about perspective a little more. It has been acknowledged by artists and art historians alike that Brunelleschi’s vanishing point perspective is flawed. The Renaissance masters such as Masaccio, however, found this tool invaluable for their architectural drawings and their church…

Alex Lowery at Sladers Yard in West Bay

Sladers Yard in West Bay Dorset is a real gem of a seaside gallery. The expected collection would be full of bright blue seascapes, yachts and gulls but Sladers always has a really serious collection of contemporary art. We discovered it last year with The exhibition of Phillip Suttons work. Alex Lowery is the current…