Painting to Enjoy

Osmund Caine, Wedding at Twickenham Parish Church, c1940s


I thought I would join in the clamour for the Royal Wedding and select a matrimonial painting. This delightful scene of austere post war Britain was painted by Osmund Caine (1914-2004), the former director of Twickenham Art College. The style, similar to Stanley Spencer was typical of English mid century painting.

The area around St Mary’s Church has all changed now even to the extent of the fence being removed.


The scene shows the young recently married couple rushing past the few onlookers to their getaway car. Note the matter of fact way the onlookers are taking in the scene. Not quite the frenzy of a royal affair! Note also how the artist has inserted his and his wife’s names on the gravestone.

An evocative piece of English social history. Enjoy.