Casa Milà – Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to visit, especially since it’s rejuvenation following the 1992 Olympics. It is a dream for followers of modern architecture and public art. There are so many iconic buildings to visit, but unfortunately long queues so it is worth being organised and plan ahead.

Barcelona, Sagrada, Catalunya
Antoni Gaudí, Casa Milà, Barcelona, 1906-1912

La Pedrera or the Casa Milà was our choice as in a small space it typifies the work of the great Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). The building was designed by Gaudí as a residence and apartment block for Pere Milà and Roser Segimon, and built between 1906-1912, at the height of Art Nouveau in Spain. It is situated on one of the main Avenues north of the Place de Catalunya.

Barcelona, Catalan, Sagrada, gaudi
Antoni Gaudi, Casa Milà, 1906-1912, showing roof top architecture.

Highlights are the free use of curves and naturalistic lines on both the interior and the exterior, and the roof top sculptures for the chimneys and other features. I particularly liked the brick vaulted attic which shows Gaudi’s complete understanding of nature as an architectural form.

Barcelona, Catalan, Catalunya, Sagrada, gaudi, vaults, bricks
Antoni Gaudi, Casa Milà, 1906-1912. The brick vaulting in attic, supporting roof.

The visit also includes a very interesting tour of one of the apartments but I think the building, itself, is the main attraction.

The Sagrada Familia? We did, of course, visit the Sagrada, Gaudi’s enormous legacy basilica, still being constructed, but felt the Casa Milà is a must see building. Wherever you go be prepared for crowds, queues and traffic!

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