December Painting of the Month

Christmas looks like it is here again with trees and baubles everywhere. Italy is a little behind the U.K. in decorations but still good to see the trees and lights appearing here after the disastrous floods last month.

Having seen so many biblical pictures recently I thought I would choose a different theme for my December Painting of the Month.

Christmas children painting Bethlehem greensleeves
Walter Crane, I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing in, from Walter Cranes Painting Book, 1899

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing in is the theme of Walter Cranes (1845-1915) delightful illustration of c1899 for his Children’s book “Walter Cranes Painting Book”, engraved by Edmund Evans

Do try to find this lovely carol to the tune “Greensleeves” as well as its traditional form. Compliments of the season.

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  1. Mar says:

    Gorgeous print in one of my favourite medium! Enjoy the holidays and also not having to wade through water every morning! Merry Xmas:)


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