Frank Lloyd Wright…

Simon and Garfunkel…no Chicago architecture

Those of you out there that love Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture will love this header image of the Robie House, built in 1909, in what became known as the Prairie style.

Chicago February prairie Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright, The Robie House, Chicago 1909

So many later buildings in the twentieth century owe so much to FLW.

Frank Lloyd wright Dudok hilversum modernism Norwich
Dudok, Hilversum Town Hall, Netherlands, 1931

From this and other great buildings in Scandinavia came some of the great Neo classic brick buildings of the thirties in Britain such as Norwich City Hall (with respect to Alan Partridge’

Norwich Alan Partridge
Norwich City Hall, 1938

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  1. Ted says:

    I was lucky enough to stay in Frank Lloyd Wright’s only tall building – The Price Tower, which is in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Part of it was a hotel at the time. It looked out of place in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere – but is a really stunning building. it is an interesting story as to how it got there…too long for here 😉 Thanks for the photos


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