March Painting of the Month

Monet’s Rough Sea at Étretat has very evocative feelings for me. His 1883 painting of the cliffs at the Normandy village of Étretat was one of his regular views.

Etratet, Monet, Normandy motorhome
Claude Monet, stormy Seas in Étretat, 1883, Museum des Beaux Artes, Lyon

Étretat is a place with memories of summer, having visited several times, but the stormy seas reminds me of the current weather with its succession of Atlantic storms and maybe deeper troubles.

It also reminds me how enjoyable it is to stand where the great artists have stood and try (unsuccessfully) to emulate them!

Étretat Monet Normandy
Sketch of Les Falaises Étretat, 2017

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice sketch too!


  2. Your sketch is lovely!


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