Knife Angel visits Chelmsford’s Central Park in September

Hereford Cathedral was the location for Alfie Bradley’s awesome sculpture constructed at the British Ironwork Centre at Oswestry, and a few of you commented on it.

My latest header features a view of the sculpture. 

Chelmsford is the next location and it will stand in the City’s Central Park in September. The Knife Angel is a 27-foot sculpture constructed from 100,000 confiscated or surrendered weapons, including blunted flick knives, kitchen knives and even samurai swords. The work is a powerful monument warning of the dangers of knife crime.

Luisa di Marco, founder of the Chelmsford youth organisation Keep it 100 says “The outreach work and events planned for the Knife Angel’s visit in Chelmsford will provide us with a platform to challenge existing mindsets, listen to our youth and champion positive youth culture at the same time. We hope to inspire carriers to unarm, but we need to broaden horizons and provide attractive and authentic opportunities to this lifestyle.”

Councillor Rose Moore of Chelmsford City Council in support of the project added “The Knife Angel has been a transformational presence for communities across the UK and we are proud to support Keep it 100 Essex in bringing it to Chelmsford. The many partnerships being forged by this visit will give us the best chance of reaching our younger residents to provide confidential help and support where it’s most needed.”

The statue having visited many cities in the U.K. including Coventry, where we have also viewed it outside the cathedral, will be in Chelmsford in September before going onto Blackburn in November.

Alfie Bradley, The Knife Angel, 2018, steel sculpture, 8.2m, British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry, U.K., Hereford, Coventry, Chelmsford, Telford
Alfie Bradley, The Knife Angel, 2018, steel sculpture, 8.2m, British Ironworks Centre, Oswestry, U.K.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Susie says:

    Very moving price of sculpture – I hope it promotes debate and discussion on knife crime


  2. ecopoet says:

    great sculpture & a good message, eco


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