Botticelli Reimagined

Primavera – Did you enjoy it?

To accompany my Painting of the Month I thought I might change the header image. Botticelli Reimagined is a 2012 imitation of The Birth of Venus by Japanese artist Tomoko Nagao which gave its name to an exhibition at the V&A in 2016. The exhibition was in three parts; a collection of Botticelli paintings, a series of nineteenth century paintings inspired by the Renaissance Master, and numerous twentieth century pastiche copies in many media from tapestry to David Bowie album covers.

I was taken by the Tomoko Nagao version for its banality; its comment on the sky being full  of planes and the sea full of junk.

Botticelli Venus Uffizi Nagao V&A
Yokomo Nagao, Botticelli Reimagined, 2012, Milan

For the purist the original Birth of Venus painted by Botticelli around 1485, below, is also in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence with The Primavera.

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, c1485, Uffizi Gallery.

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