Joan Miro – Painting of the Month

Joan Miro is the twentieth century Spanish surrealist who features in my Painting of the Month.

Miro, May 1968, Paris, Students
Joan Miro, May 1968, 1968-75, Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona.

May 1968 was an idea he painted between 1968 and 1975, late is in his life. It is a challenging view but is there to remind us of the revolutionary fervour that overtook Europe in 1968; this month 51 years ago. The current lack of faith in the political system seems to echo the challenge to the establishment of the sixties.

The strong colours that were with Miro all his life are here, but the black he normally uses for outline has been added to. In this painting there is an overlying image, almost thrown at the canvas and allowed to run. The hand prints, I Am Here, echo the primitive cave images found throughout the world but especially in Spain and France.

If Postmodernism has its birth in the views of the French Philosophers and the Student Riots of 1968 then this painting reminds of this transition.

The Garden (1925) shows Miro earlier expressing the more upbeat optimism of surrealism.

Miro, Garden, Tate
Joan Miro, The Garden, 1925

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