L. S. Lowry. VE Day

Hope you are having a street party to celebrate VE Day 75. We have set up ours on our own (boo hoo) and hope to miss the thunderstorms forecast later.

VE Day, Street party, flypast, Salford, coved 19, tate
LS Lowry VE Day, 1945, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.

Thousands of ant-like people are seen thronging the streets of this city to celebrate the end of the Second World War in Europe. The industrial buildings are enlivened by flags and bunting. Lowry manages to convey the lively atmosphere of the scene by including so many people, painting them in a very simple manner. Lowry was famous for his ‘matchstick’ people and his townscapes showing factories and mills. © Kelvingrove museum and art gallery

VE Day, Gloucestershire, Lowry
VE Day 75 in Gloucestershire, 8th May 2020

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  1. Susie harris says:

    Celebrating 75 years since VE Day 🎈🎈🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


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