The Shah-Nama

The Shah-Nama is an epic poem from Persia written over a thousand years ago and was the subject of my dissertation, submitted today for the University of Warwick – Yippee. So back to other exhibitions now.

The Book of Kings, the literal translation of  Shah-Nama which, traces the line of Persian rulers from the beginning of time to the Arab conquest in 642 A.D. It is part mythology, part legend and part history and at 55,000 couplets, the longest ever poem by a single hand.

Charlie Calder-Potts is the subject of my study and eighteen of her drawings on vellum that were exhibited at the Fosse Gallery in 2018. The works were the result of a collaboration with the Iranian poet, Rosa Jamali.

Charlie Calder-Potts, All my veins are connected to this land, 2018

The Land I Stepped in, the title of the exhibition, concentrates on the timelessness of the Shah-Nama; how it’s philosophy is as true today as it was in the time of Ferdowsi, its author. But with its monochrome style, out of context titles and esoteric subjects, I also read into the artworks a challenge to the patriarchal aspect of the epic stories.

Charlie Calder-Potts, If you command it to rain, 2018

If you command it to rain was shortlisted for the Derwent Prize this year. After months of work on this I can now return to exhibition reviews and occasional thoughts on the wider world of art – phew!

Charlie Calder-Potts, And the woman was a soothsayer, 2018

The Land I Stepped in exhibition is now closed, but there is a current programme of exhibitions at the Fosse. Enjoy!

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    1. Glad you like. The vellum gives a lovely ivory like sheen


  1. Yippee indeed and congrats. Love the exploration of patriarchy here too. Bravo Gordon.


    1. Thank you much appreciated


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