Côte d’Azur (4) Antibes & Vallauris

Antibes and the surrounding area is manic for traffic and the signposting is terrible. Hence my excuse for not getting to the Picasso Museum in Vallauris. The time the artist spent at Vallauris was important as he developed his ceramic style in the Provençal pottery village. Our wanting to go there was our owning a painting by Lydia Corbett, the Devon based artist, formerly Sylvette Davide, the muse who introduced the ponytail to Southern France, Bridget Bardot and the world.


Sylvette, Picasso, c1954. One of the many paintings, ceramics, sculptures Picasso made of the youthful Sylvette Davide in Vallauris from 1954.


The latter style of Lydia Corbett / Sylvette Davide.

No excuses for missing the Museum Picasso in Antibes except that we preferred a beach and eating day, after the trials of the traffic!

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