Aix en Provence (1)

Aix en Provence is stunning. More in another post. Today we went to the Terrain des Peintres away from the city centre to see the spot where Paul Cezanne painted Le Mont Sainte Victoire so many times in his old age. The view is amazing and the feeling of being in the great man’s footsteps – the so called father of modern art.


Le Mont Sainte Victoire with large Pine, 1887, Paul Cezanne, Courtauld Institute.

The Courtauld Sainte Victoire has been my iPad wallpaper for years so I tried a sketch but was amazed how the mountain changed colour and tone in just the short time we were there. No wander Cezanne was so taken by the view.


Le Mont Sainte Victoire, September 2018, unknown artist!

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